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  • Grassroots Organizing.  An excellent guide to organizing from the Center for Health, Environment and Justice

  • Advocacy: Turning the Gears of Democracy.  This four part video series from Connecticut Network (CT-N) is a short guide to advocacy at the state legislature.

  • Tools for Action.  This advocacy toolkit was developed by CT Parent Power, but it can apply to climate change advocacy, too.


Banning Fracking Wastes


Shared Solar


Clean Energy for Your Town

  • CT Green Bank Created by the State of CT. Leverages public and private funds to drive investment and scale up clean energy deployment across the state.

  • The C-PACE program The Green Bank's program for commercial, municipal and non-profit building owners.

  • C-PACE projects Over 40 case studies of successful Green Bank collaborations with a wide variety of companies and organizations.


Stopping the Expansion of Natural Gas Pipelines






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