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Clean Energy for Your Town

You can encourage town government, residents, businesses and non-profits to increase the use of  energy efficiency measures and clean energy in the buildings they work, learn and live in. How energy-efficient are the municipal buildings in your town? How many of them use solar or other clean energy? Would you like to see more businesses in your town have energy efficient buildings that use solar? You and your group can play a role in decreasing the carbon footprint of buildings in your town. You can advocate for greener municipal buildings, which also save money for taxpayers. You can let businesses and homeowners in your town know about programs that will save them money too. Below are some links to resources that can help.


  • StaffordWoodstock, and Fairfield are three CT towns that have made great strides in switching to energy efficiency and renewable energy for their municipal buildings.  

  • CT Green Bank Created by the State of CT. Leverages public and private funds to drive investment and scale up clean energy deployment across the state.

  • The C-PACE program The Green Bank's program for commercial, municipal and non-profit building owners.

  • C-PACE projects Over 40 case studies of successful Green Bank collaborations with a wide variety of companies and organizations.


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