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Town by town, we can advance climate change policy in Connecticut. Find out how to change your town.

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Eastern CT Green Action (ECGA) is a network of local groups devoted to slowing global warming through actions at the local and state level. Our purpose is to create and assist new groups in Connecticut towns that will encourage their own town councils and state legislators to enact substantive measures aimed at countering global warming. We are also glad to work together with existing groups. More

Monthly Meeting

  • Ban fracking wastes from coming into the state and individual towns. More

  • Enable shared solar in Connecticut. More

  • Encourage town governments, residents, businesses and non-profits to increase the use of  energy efficiency measures and clean energy in the buildings they work, learn and live in. More

  • Impede the expansion of natural (methane) gas lines. More

Get Involved

Individuals and small groups can play an important role in the fight against global warming, particularly at the local and state levels. By organizing the many people who are concerned about global warming, but are unsure what to do about it, we can achieve important goals. Town councils and state legislators can be swayed by organized, persistent advocacy by their constituents. We can help you start or join an advocacy group in your town. Contact us.

With shared solar, we'll see more of this in Connecticut! 

Monthly Meeting

Join us for our monthly meeting, which USUALLY takes place on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 10:00 am, at

  • The Mansfield Public Library, Buchanan Auditorium, 54 Warrenville Rd, Mansfield Center (for Oct, Nov and Dec 2018,)  ​​OR

  • First Church of Christ, 549 Storrs Rd (195), Mansfield Center.



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